Wallpaper crash explained: Here’s how a simple image can soft-brick phones – Android Authority

How can a simple image crash an Android phone to the point that it becomes unusable?
Its a question that came out frequently over the past 24 hours, as news of a cursed wallpaper spread around the w… [+5502 Funniest Cat compilation try not to laugh ]

Amazon sellers use ‘collectible’ label to dodge price gouging rules – Engadget

Amazon’s measures to prevent price gouging have a relatively simple workaround. The Verge has learned that some third-party sellers are marking products as “collectible” to evade Amazon’s automated p… [+530 funny animals compilation videos try not to laugh]

Trump slams White House protesters as ‘just there to cause trouble’ as DC mayor defends city – CNN

(CNN)After a night of protests and racial unrest in US cities, President Donald Trump used Saturday morning messages to declare himself safe inside the White House, lash out at a Democratic mayor and… [+6104 teste de qi oficial]